A doppler radar to improve your game

es12_4sq_imagees12-productThis is/Ernest Sports introduced its first golf launch monitor at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, the ES12, and received his first PGA Best Product Award for this innovation.
Indeed, this is the first golf launch monitor for the general public, and it gives the possibility to obtain instantly and accurately the ball speed and the carry distance of each ball hit whatever the club used.

In designing this product, Ernest Sports sought to create a real training companion:

Accurate and reliable
Very easy to use
Really portative

The ES12 measures the ball speed and calculates the distance achieved.

Its operation is very simple. Just turn on the device, choose the club you will hit, position the unit near the ball and play a stroke. The distance appears instantly on the LCD screen of the ES12.

There are many ways to operate the ES12. It enables to:

  • accurately know average distance with each club
  • know the depth dispersion achieved with each club
  • work on swing calibration (including wedging)
  • verify club gapping
  • practice random distances on the driving range
  • practice accurate distances according to your specific needs
  • Etc…

Designed for players of all ages and all levels, regular use of the ES12 allows to:

  • make the training more fun and more interesting
  • improve the knowledge of your distances and thus of your game
  • help avoid club mistakes and thus to improve your scores

The ES12 offers the possibility to connect to your tablet or your phone (iOS or Android).

This allows you to record all your training sessions and so:

  • To know the statistics of your shots
  • To monitor your progress over time

The ES12 app proposed by Ernest Sports and its updates are and will remain free.