s'entrainer - Etalloner

Average distances

Calibration aims to know precisely average distances with each club.

For this, go to the driving range.

Warm up as if you were going to play on the course. Set up your ES12 and start a practice session by hitting between 3 and 5 balls with each of your clubs. Hit each ball using your usual course routine.

Download the complete tutorial (PDF doc)

Wedges calibration

Calibration aims to master the intermediate distances. To achieve those distances you will need to perform a non-full swing, especially for wedging.
These distances can be easily identified by looking at the club gapping graph.


Download the complete tutorial (PDF doc)

s'entrainer - calibrer

Random training

Random training allows you to train on the driving range with similar objectives to those you have on the course.
Most people on the driving range hit each one of their club from the shortest to the longest while the course requires from you:

  • to switch constantly from long to short shots.
  • to change the target at each shot.

Do not practice aimlessly!

Download the complete tutorial (PDF doc)


Training session offered by Jean-Baptiste Gonnet (Former European Tour Player)

Jean-Baptiste Gonnet offers a specific training session so you can train you with your ES12.

Download the complete tutorial (PDF doc)